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Requesting to join the Forum

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Requesting to join the Forum Empty Requesting to join the Forum

Post by Astideri Thu 8 Sep - 14:12


My name is Astideri and I am 22 years old. I'm compared to a lot of other people in the F1C community still quite new, I started playing F1C around 2016-2017. Around 2018 I started modding the game as well. I got inspired by Pifta's F1 page and wanted to make a really big feeder series mod as well, this mod is called Motorsport Challenge: Complete Edition.

Even tough the mod is still quite in development I already released a W.I.P. version of the mod, most of the seasons are still very basic though with no liveries yet made or sometimes unrealistic car models, but slowly and surely more and more progress is being made.

On modding experience I still need to learn quite a lot, but I know quite some stuff already like converting tracks and cars from rFactor and GP4, For example I converted an F3 2018 mod from rFactor to F1 Challenge. I also converted a lot of Formula E liveries to F1 Challenge, the mod I'm working on currently has all Formula E liveries of the Gen 2 era complete.

Goals for the next update is to finish all missing Formula 2 liveries, and that's also one of the reasons why I'm trying to get on here, to search for help. I'm currently still missing the 2018-2020 season liveries together with the 2022 season liveries. In exchange I'm hoping to provide others with help as well.

If you need any video's, photo's or whatever from the stuff that I'm working on please let me know.

Kind regards,



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Requesting to join the Forum Empty Re: Requesting to join the Forum

Post by Astideri Tue 10 Jan - 9:27

Hi guys. It's been months and I still haven't got a reply. I really want to showcase the mod that I am working on and ask for help/feedback here if necessary. So if someone could give me access to the forum that would be really awesome.


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