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Post by Winners311 Sat 31 Jul - 8:52

Sorry I was Meaning De Villota in Monaco 1982… Embarassed

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Post by wookey Sun 1 Aug - 12:43

Coming late in that debate, I have few things left to say.

1) Hans is an invaluable member of this forum. Thanks for all the job you did so far, and thanks for deciding to stay. I must say I sighed out of relief when I read you were staying.

2) ALL places on the internet are free to loot for determined and skilled hackers. This place is no exception.

3) I, myself, and me alone is legal responsible for what is happening here, and no member should hesitate to share content in THIS PRIVATE CLUB with limited entry and constant ousting of lurkers. Do not worry, in case of any threat send them to me.

4) the over extension of legal property over pictures past their 10 years limit is a GROSS abuse from some countries legislations that are not appliable in other countries. Not in mine at least. It is a very confused legal thing with as many interpretations as they are lawyers.

5) As long as we do OUR BEST EFFORTS to keep this forum a private thing, with harsh conditions for getting into and stay, and with no profit for anyone, we should be safe. Even if someone breaks through those efforts as we did our best to avoid it.

Although intellectual property is not my specialization, I have a post-degree in Laws (besides Political Science) and I'm pretty confident in taking all responsabilities for this.

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