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Hulsebos Hans
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Sources - Page 2 Empty Re: Sources

Post by Hulsebos Hans Sun 19 Apr - 21:25

Rob Ryder wrote:
Winners311 wrote: ... but the only rules to follow here as checking if the pictures you are going to upload is already in the Race by Race section...

I always used to do this before posting, but RbR is such a mess now that I don't bother. I don't mean a mess in the sense of the organisation, it is easy to follow, but there are just too many images. Many of the images are watermarked or of poor quality, even when good images are already included. Now I just post and let the members decide if they want to download.
Do we really need 40-50 images of the same car/driver from a single race?
The original intention of RbR was to have at least one image of every car/driver from every race,   for reference. A FEW more if possible, from the YbY topic to be added.
Now it seems that everything is uploaded to RbR no matter what the quality/watermark/logo.
It would be a giant task to clean up RbR now, so just let it go.

2 more points/questions..

First .. I often wonder if the members who do the mega-upload/floods actually look at their images? I am selective in what I have on my PC and enjoy looking at the images and browsing through them before posting. I get the impression that some members just download as much as possible, as fast as possible, from the Net – use a program to modify all of the images – and upload automatically into one post. I wonder if they ever LOOK AT/enjoy their images?

Second.. If I was joining this forum now I don’t think I would reach 50 posts. If I had to stick to the rule of checking RbR for duplicate posts I would see the mega floods and think ‘it is a waste of time because everything is there’.
What is there for new members or enthusiastic old members to post anymore?

As you can guess, I am not a fan of mega-posts, race-floods, watermarked images, and poor quality.

I will still be posting, hopefully good quality images, and let the members do as they will.

Maybe I am having a bad day, but I still think that this is the best image forum on the Net and will still be an active member as long as I am breathing.


To give an insight in the steps to come to a "mega-post" I do every now and again.

1 Downloading from site involved......Yes I do that using software so it does not take much time.
2 Give all the downloaded photos an individual file name.....Manual job takes quite a lot of time to do and to do it correctly in some cases.
3 Going through ALL pictures and see if I can use a download version and remove the watermark. Quite a lot of work
4 Removing the watermarks from the selected photos from 3. A pretty time consuming job
5 For the other pictures I check If I can find sources which contain the same photo but in a better resolution or quality than the 600 pixel preview
6 In the process under 5 I look for other pictures which do not belong to the downloaded set (mostly checking very many FB-Groups), but which I find and add them to the set.
7 The remaining set of 600 pixel photos is enlarged to 900 pixel through software.
8 Uploading to YbY and RbR is alway a manual job.

For a single race, this process takes about a week (lets say 5 to 6 hours a day).

So it takes quite a lot of time and I have seen all the photos..... and believe me I enjoy the whole process from the first to the last step Smile
Hulsebos Hans
Hulsebos Hans
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Sources - Page 2 Empty Re: Sources

Post by Rodo115 Sun 19 Apr - 22:50

Well, I think I have to say something. I hope Google Translate helps me, and sorry in advance since my English is very bad.
I am one that boosts images to 900 pixels. I do it for myself, and I share them as long as they're not on RbR.
I am also one that does mega-uploads, because I am ordering my folders. For this reason I am doing it career by career. Just recently uploaded the 1974 Belgian GP.
Another year that I'm working on is 1967, as Motorsport updated its website.
Personally, I prefer the quantity, although I always choose the widest and most original photo possible, even if it is of a lower quality.
Some here crop photos to make the car look closer. I don't like to do that, "about tastes, colors".
I don't download post-1974 photos since I'm working on that season. I'm also not interested in photos of the 1950-60 Indy-500s.
If I have my say, I think everyone should share what they want, and the other members can also download what they want and find it interesting.
If something is misspelled or misunderstood, my apologies.
Greetings, Rodolfo
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