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rFactor 1980-1982 Formula One mods

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rFactor 1980-1982 Formula One mods Empty rFactor 1980-1982 Formula One mods

Post by Cristian Luis Sun 16 Feb - 0:39

Recently (more or less), some rFactor modders released these masterpieces.

Maybe these become unnoticed by you, so there it goes:

F1 1980 Season: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/rfactor-f1-mod-1980.29756/
F1 1981 Season: http://historicsimracing.123.st/t4242-f1-1981-he-1-0-for-rfactor-by-puref1
F1 1982 Season: http://historicsimracing.123.st/t4105-mod-f1-1982-for-rfactor

Kind regards,
Cristian Luis
Cristian Luis
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F1 Driver

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