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A sad start to the cart 1988

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A sad start to the cart 1988 Empty A sad start to the cart 1988

Post by De Lacrowe 26th March 2017, 11:20

A sad start to the cart 1988 Cart8811

Indycar 1988

A sad start to the cart 1988 Cart8810

Sad  It was released indy version of the 1988 season, with a massive number of competitors on board five car models to win the world title
The wait to see these cars was very high because I had been informed of the collaboration of Luigi compatriot.
Unfortunately, the name does not appear among the various people of this version and I am very regretful
For those interested in trying these cars without my comments, they can retrieve the web via the classic search engine.
Luigi, however, remains a modder among the best despite this news you have not participated.
De Lacrowe
De Lacrowe
F1 Driver
F1 Driver

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A sad start to the cart 1988 Empty Re: A sad start to the cart 1988

Post by Luigi 70 26th March 2017, 13:21

No problem Marie, the credits are right. Rolling Eyes
Unfortunately at that time I developed the 1955 mod, and I had to reluctantly leave the Dave bid.
Anyway I thank you for having defended me. Wink
Luigi 70
Luigi 70
Grand Prix Winner
Grand Prix Winner

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