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Team radio

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Team radio Empty Team radio

Post by De Lacrowe Sun 3 Jul - 21:25

Have you ever wondered what the real radio messages on television do not listen  Question

Finally we can now reveal

Team radio 6_Kosberd

Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team

6 Niko Rosberg : I need to know how to break down the invaders

Team radio : I can't tell you, the federation forbids it  Exclamation

Team radio 44_Dandildon

Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team

44 Lewis Hamilton : Hey guys, but what TIRES you have fitted me ?

Team radio : Yellow, Red and Green, the Cheapest ones  Exclamation

Team radio 5_Vertel

Scuderia Ferrari

5 Sebastian Vettel : I have a problem with the directionality of the car

Team radio : Try to keep the ball in the center of the steering wheel  Exclamation

Team radio 7_Kaikkionen

Scuderia Ferrari

7 Kimi Räikkönen : Tell my companion it's stupid to follow me so closely

Team radio : That is your car's framed from behind  Exclamation

Team radio 14_Amonzo

McLaren Honda

14 Fernando Alonso : We're sure that's the right frequency to communicate ?

Team radio : Quiet, after the Holy Mass there is the radio newscast  Exclamation

Team radio 22_Button

McLaren Honda

22 Jenson Button : Hey guys, what is this encrypted CODE, we do not do jokes !

Team radio : ............ Sleep

Team radio 19_Messa

Williams Martini Racing

Team radio : But then, how are the levels ?

19 Felipe Massa : And I what do I know, I lost 1 to 0  Exclamation

Team radio 77_Bollaz

Sahara Force India F1 Team

11 Sergio Pérez : oh, Madre de Dios  Exclamation

Team radio : ............
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De Lacrowe
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F1 Driver

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Team radio Empty Re: Team radio

Post by wookey Tue 5 Jul - 16:21


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