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Working Pitroad

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Working Pitroad Empty Working Pitroad

Post by jdavidson89 Fri 26 Jan - 14:33

I am really stumped on how to make a Pitroad that works in F1C when building a track from Bobs Track Builder. I can convert tracks from rfactor that work, the pitroad works in rfactor(which bobs track builder exports to by default)but I can't make a working pitroad in F1C, I have made various tracks, I will upload the Westmead track I've made(it's not the best track but I want to get the functionality working before I improve the graphics), I am sorry I am posting here like this but I am out of ideas, I've tried Frentzen's AIW converter, F1C AIWViewer, manually editing the AIW from tutorials, it still won't work, I am just stumped. Any help or tips I'd apprieciate. Thank you.


Sunday Driver
Sunday Driver

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Working Pitroad Empty Re: Working Pitroad

Post by cecelo Sat 27 Jan - 5:54

Hi jdavidson89, I think Luigi70 knows something about your issue. Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes
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