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Post by Rob Ryder Sat 11 Nov - 21:45

With some time to kill I was looking at regular visitors on the on-line Memberslist and found that....

bally joined 2014 3 posts Last post 2015

gablet978 joined 2015 6 posts Last post 2017

jcarvalhobh joined 2016 14 posts Last post 2018

jihef035 joined 2017 8 posts Last post 2020

ospang joined 2015 7 posts Last post 2018

Patagonico joined 2014 10 posts Last post 2020

plumier joined 2018 8 posts Last post 2017

I am sure there are more 'members' that will raise eyebrows...

Rob Ryder
Rob Ryder
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World Champion

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Frequent Visitors .. Empty Re: Frequent Visitors ..

Post by De Lacrowe Sun 12 Nov - 9:40

Frequent Visitors .. Screen12

Everyone has a life in this world and uses it as they see fit.
However, in this world people no longer have the need to understand the value in the things they have at their disposal and, despite me, also the importance of this fourm
De Lacrowe
De Lacrowe
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F1 Driver

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