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Hello to Group Empty Hello to Group

Post by Mark Anderson Mon 27 Sep - 6:57

Hi, I just want to make brief introduction to group. I'm Mark Anderson - I requested to join forum at suggestion of Odoru Higanbana as I am assisting with .bmp work on some of the rarer late 80's F1 cars for full race by race sets for F1C (plans ahead for early 90's also). Although I've been aware of (& been a fan of) F1 Challenge since mid-2000's, life circumstances have prevented me from using/playing to any great extent until the last few years. I started playing the F1 Challenge VB Mod a few years ago & last year started experimenting with game edits within the Mod - primarily in the form of AIW & CAM file editing to troubleshoot noted issues encountered. Relatively recently, I have dabbled with graphics edits, with the sole aim to introduce specific new details to existing liveries & in a few cases add new liveries not yet present into the existing sets, all within the VB Mod - this has generally taken the form of .bmp editing using the templates existing in the game already. Generally, my aim is only to play a small part to enhance this already great mod - I came into contact with Odoru through posts made on the VB Facebook page & he suggested to join the forum as the vast resource will be invaluable to assist in our plans to develop the 'uncommon' late 80's/early 90's liveries for F1C.

Mark Anderson
Pedal Kart driver
Pedal Kart driver

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Post by wookey Mon 27 Sep - 8:25

Welcome on board !

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