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Post by jdavidson89 Tue 16 Mar - 17:17

Hello my name is Jason, OLarrauri has suggested I join this forum, I already had an account but figures Id still post here. I have only just started creating content for f1c on a large scale, previously I just did small edits for myself. I use VBs base for the game as its nice to have all seasons. I tries to run my own install with the seasons manually added over the years but keeping the files all sorted for rcds was always a nightmare so his organization is a great base I feel. I can make content for the original game as well though. I want to fill in the gaps in the game data cause I love this game and f1 and I made a race-by-race for 1950 modifying what Valerio had already(not sure the original creator but thank you for your work) I have simply wrote some batch files for Livery changing, reskinned cars for each race(to the best of my ability based on photos I could find)and added veh for each driver. I modified a few models so far but by far my weakest ability. Anywho I was hoping to become a bigger contributor to the game as I've had this game since it came out I know the workings of it quite well but Ive never really contributed before. Thank you to all of you over the years whove made great work. Ive been around through all the leeching years learning how to edit on my own and I feel nowadays the conmunity seems quite healthy, Im never going to try to steal work and want to work together to help all of us enjoy this great game. My work quality isnt the best but I will try my best. I already have an account here this is more an intro of me to the community. P.S: the Tools I use are MAS-Explorer, 3DSimED3, Gimp & MS-Paint, Blender, and Physics Editor and notepad of course. Also the 1950 edit Ive done is on VBs facebook page I could upload here if wanted but I would be interested to give credit to the original creator as well.

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Post by Luigi 70 Tue 16 Mar - 20:22

Hello you are welcome, the basic version of the 1950 mod was made by a Brazilian guy named Rafael (R&G Rafa). From that, JALNERVION and Wookey then made the version race by race. Then Valpaso75 joined it in his mega mod, doing maybe further modification.
However in the future when you have doubts about the authors of the old mods (50-82), consult this site:
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Luigi 70
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